Welcome to Mythgaard
Set-up Rules (D&D 5E ruleset)

Playable Races


The most populace race on the face of Mythgaard. Hardy and aspiring, many other races, particularly elves, see them as fickle and a blight upon Mythgaard. Humans can be found across the face of Mythgaard.


The offspring of Human and Elf this race is shunned and cast out from all elven communities along with its elven parent. It is very rare for a half-elf to be found in any elven community and if they are it would only be because they possess an exceptional skill. Even so they would be forbidden to breed else be cast out alongside their elven partner.

Like humans, half-elves can be found throughout the realms.

Dwarf (Hill or Mountain)

Rash, bold and hardy Dwarves tend to reside in hilly, mountainous regions however, unlike elves, do have a loose affiliation with humans. This is due to their penchant for war and the fact that humans tend to start more wars than they avoid.

Halfling (Lightfoot or Stout)

The origins of Halflings are unknown. Some say they are an ancient off-shoot of a union between dwarves and elves (although either race with violently debate this), some say they are race inadvertently created by magic, while others say they are just a race like humans and dwarves. Wherever they have come from Halflings can be found throughout Mythgaard wherever their curiosity takes them. Even elves will allow them to pass freely through their lands if they offer no ill-intent.

Playable Classes (including split classes)

Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard


Any non-evil or as class demands.

Attributes (before racials)

16, 15, 14, 13, 11, 9. – These scores can be placed into each attribute as required and each can only be used once.

Equipment & Money

You didn’t have much time to flee and in the process only gathered what you were able to as the horde destroyed your city.

Everyone has:
1 x Backpack
1 x Bedroll
2 x normal martial weapon (1 weapon & 1 shield)
5 x daily ration
1 x waterskin
1 x flint and steel
1 x set of armour (up to normal leather)

No one has mounts – even if class dictates it does.


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